patients testimonials

Ms Ashleigh Essic- metastatic colon cancer to liver surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

Mr. Henry Fitts- Hepatobiliary surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

Ms Kini Snow-pancreatic cancer survivor after whipple surgery

Mr Matt Deeter, liver and small bowel carcinoid surgery

Mr. James Fulp - Pancreatic surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem


This one is very labor intesive to finish the work. We have to put all the letters, cards and everything in the hard copy to scan, upload and link.

All these patients have provided their photographs and video voluntarily and given us written consent to publish it. Some of my patients (especially cancer) ask if they could talk to my former patients. After getting diagnosed with cancer, there is a lot of anxiety, fear and questions. It is very understandable that some would like to know from other patients about their treatment experience. I think this page and forum will help all the patients as they could read, see and feel the emotions themselves by visiting the site.

If you would like to write something, post your photographs or make a video, let us know and we will be happy to put all or any of it on our website.

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