patients testimonials

Ms Ashleigh Essic- metastatic colon cancer to liver surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

Mr. Henry Fitts- Hepatobiliary surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

Ms Kini Snow-pancreatic cancer survivor after whipple surgery

Mr Matt Deeter, liver and small bowel carcinoid surgery

Mr. James Fulp - Pancreatic surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

Meet our staff

hpbOur practice consist of a close knit family atmosphere including Dr. Singh, our registered nurse Marie Haitt, administrator and practice manager Jessica Troutman, and administrative assistant Charmaine Clark. Our trained and experienced staff is here to help you in all your medical needs. All the staff members are very empathetic, courteous and helpful. They take pride in work they do for patients.

Jessica Troutman- Administrator

Jessica troutman Administrator, Gajendra Singh MD, Forsyth Surgical Associates Winston Salem, NCMs. Jessica Troutman is administrator and office manager. She is one of the founding person of the practice with Dr. Singh and has been with us from day one, since the practice started. She is responsible for our most of the administrative work and billing. She brought several year of administrative experience to our office. She is always smiling and greeting patients with a cheerful voice. She works very hard to make sure all the documents for the patients are taken care on time.

She is responsible for the best patient care in the office and management, and always available to help all the patients regarding any issues.


Marie Hiatt, RN

Marie Hiatt, RN @ Gajendra Singh MD, Forsyth Surgical Associates Winston Salem, NCMs. Marie Haitt is a trained registered nurse with a very humble nature and an always smiling face. She brought several years of experience in clinical field as a registered nurse to our practice. She has worked with sick patient in home care agency and at surgical unit at Forsyth Medical center.

She is very caring and compassionate and goes an extra mile to help and take care of our sick patients. Especially several of them are cancer patients.



Charmaine Clark - Administrative assistant

administrative assistant forsyth surgical assocaitesMs. Charmaine Clark brought about 14 years of administrative experience from Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. She is very knowledgeable, curteous, helping nature and always has a smiling face. She is a native of Winston Salem.