patients testimonials

Ms Ashleigh Essic- metastatic colon cancer to liver surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

Mr. Henry Fitts- Hepatobiliary surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

Ms Kini Snow-pancreatic cancer survivor after whipple surgery

Mr Matt Deeter, liver and small bowel carcinoid surgery

Mr. James Fulp - Pancreatic surgery, Forsyth Surgical Associates, Winston Salem

About Forsyth Surgical Associates

hpbDr. Singh started solo private practice in 2012 as a hepatobiliary pancreatic and general surgeon in Winston Salem, NC which is now known as Forsyth Surgical Associates. He has been very popular among physician and patients for his care about the patients, demeanor, and best possible results for complex cancer and general surgery cases.


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Reception is very well maintained and attended by our front desk staff. We try to provide appointments, schedule labs, test, surgeries and other test at patient's convenience as much as possible.

Waiting area

Our waiting area is very comfortable, temperature and ambiance is maintained for patient's and families comfort. Waiting room is large enough to accommodate several patients and families without giving a sense of crowding. It well equipped with very comfortable chairs and, a large table, reading material including magazines and educational books on multiple cancers and other patient care. These books are free for all patients to take home.

Educational material

Our waiting area is full of book pertaining to different cancer and book on care before and after surgery. All these books are provided to patients free of charge. They can take as many books as they need to educate themselves about the problems.


Our waiting area has 2 large standing racks full of magazines for families as sometime patient spend over an hour with Dr. Singh in discussion about their problems. Sometime families want to give privacy to the patient while they discuss with Dr. Singh, and during this time there is plenty of books to read either about educational material or magazine available on different social topics.


3001 Maplewood Ave.,

Winston Salem NC. 27103

Phone number - 336-448-2424

Fax number - 336-450-4020.