Liver cancer surgery

hpbAt Forsyth Surgical Associates we offer a comprehensive approach to the management of various liver diseases and liver cancer in a best possible way. We offer a wholesome approach best suitable for patients and families, either surgical or just medical management.

Liver cancer is 5th most common cancer in the United states and takes several lives every year. Dr. Singh Perform both open and laparoscopic liver surgery.



20 cm hepatocellular carinoma resection, Gajendra Singh MD, Forsyth Surgical Associates Winston Salem, NC Isolated caudate lobe resection for tumor,Gajendra Singh MD, Forsyth Surgical Associates Winston Salem, NC

20 cm liver cancer removed safely, Patient discharged in 5 days, doing well. Isolated caudate lobe resection for tumor occluding IVC


Liver Cancer -

There are several different type of liver tumors, some are benign but most of them are malignant.

  • Primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) - This is actually the primary liver cancer which arises from the liver cells. Common causes are cirrhosis, hepatitis, alcohol etc.
  • Cholangiocarcinoma - This type of tumor arises from the bile ducts inside the liver. These tumor grow along the bile ducts.
  • Metastatic cancers - usually from other parts of the gastrointestinal tract like colon or other parts of the body like breast.
  • Adenoma - Benign tumors arises inside the liver, usually in young women in the child bearing age. Most common cause is considered to be oral contraceptive pills. They can turn rarely into malignant cancer.
  • Focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) - This is benign hypertrophy of the liver tissue. These has characteristic appearance and can turn into cancer rarely.


Almost all the tumor, mass, cancer in the liver can be treated by surgery if they are in early stages. There are several other options if they are unresectable. Sometimes, when they are in advanced stage then Chemotherapy, radiation or palliative treatment in the only option. Several medical diseases like hepatitis can be managed medically. Usually these followed by medical liver specialist called as hepatologist and gastroenterologist.