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General Discussion / The best, right diet....
« on: February 20, 2013, 02:11:17 PM »
I'm Hank and I recently had surgery in which two-thirds of my pancreas was removed. I do not have cancer, however there was a cyst present with growth over a period of time and Dr. Singh suggested that we get rid of it. Dr. Singh told me in advance that with any portion of the pancreas removed there would be an increased chance of diabetes, and that mt diet and close monitoring of my blood/glucose levels would be very important. 

OK. so I'm a week out of the surgery now and my wife and I have been reading and on Google to determine what abets, right diet might look like. We figure that to get on a diabetic-like diet, PRIOR to actually being diabetic seems like a logical direction. I'm sure others have moved in this direction as well and I'd like to hear from others about what you include in your diet, what you exclude from your diet and over time what the impact has been on your blood/sugar levels.

In addition to the health implications, cost is always a concern, so any input of diet selections that represent a cost saving over other approaches would be of interest to all of us as well.

We CAN overcome!!!!


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