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colorectal cancer metastatic to liver


In January 2014, a resection of both the liver and colon was performed with success on a Stage IV rectal cancer patient.  The patient has the DPD enzyme deficiency and unable to receive chemo treatments.  He had one treatment and was hospitalized for 20 days.  the question is... he has been NED since the operation, according to CT Scans.  His last CT Scan (May 30, 2014) is clear but his CEA level has increased from 2 after surgery and after his only chemo treatment to a reading of 11 taken from a June 2 blood test. .  Is the CEA level in itself a concern?  If a patient cannot take 5FU, what can be done?

Gajendra Singh,MD:
Rise in CEA is concerning as it may be due to hidden cancer or recurrence. Effect of 5 FU in DPD deficiency can be very severe. Personally, I would advise to contact our medical oncologist for the alternative treatment for post surgical chemotherapy and possible radiation. He doesn't have to go through the 5FU.

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