ProcedurePrice Starting From (USD)Price Range (USD)Average Hospital price in USA (USD)CPT code
abdominal abscess drain exchange7006,000
abdominal abscess drain placement1400800048000
Breast biopsy - image guided1200350019081
Breast mass excision-Benign20001600019125
Circumcision - adult10006,00054161
Delayed wound closure1200850013160
Drain placement pancreatic pseudocyst or abscess1400600048001
Drainage breast abscess1200750019020
Epigastric hernia repair25002500-450018000-25,00049570
Excision biopsy axillary lymph node2000800038525
Excision biopsy cervical lymph node2000800038510
Excision biopsy Inguinal lymph node2000800038760
Excision Melanoma - except face20001000-20001400011626
Excision Sebaceous cyst500200-500450011406
Femoral hernia repair25002,500-4,50018000-25,00049550
Full thickness skin biopsy-excisional600450011100
Full thickness skin graft1600850015200
Incision and drainage of abscess - subcutaneous500300-1000450010061
Inguinal hernia repair25002,500-4,50018,000-25,00049505
Intermediate wound repair800450012036
Lipoma Excision > 5 cm1000600021930
Lipoma Excision <5 cm500500021930
Liver biopsy, needle- image guided800300047000
Liver microwave ablation50003500047383
Muscle Biopsy - excisional1000450020205
Paracentesis - image guided700650049082
Pilonidal cyst excision150011,00010081
Remove port-a-cath1000450036590
Retroperitoneal Abscess drain exchange7003500
Retroperitoneal Abscess drain placement1400600048000
Sclerosis fluid collection, cyst1200800049185
Soft tissue biopsy needle- image guided600350021920
Split skin graft1500800015100
Thoracentesis - image guided7005500
Thyroid Biopsy - image guided600300060100
Umbilical hernia repair25002,000-3,50018,000-25,00049585
Ventral hernia repair25002500-450025,000-35,00049560