• These prices are for cash patients only.
  • Currently we do not accept any insurance for the surgery package.
  • If you are using your insurance, then you are responsible for getting the approval for the surgery and filing the claim. We can provide you an invoice, CPT and ICD codes. You are solely responsible if your insurance company does not reimburse you. To keep our prices so low we have to remove as much overhead as possible like filing the insurance claims, extra staff, late payments, rejections and denials.
  • Payment is required upfront either by debit card, cashiers check or cash. We do not accept personal checks.
  • Credit cards can be accepted but it requires 3% credit card fee besides the procedure fee.
  • Financing available, please see the financing section.


  • Pre-operative consultation – if surgery done by us
  • Surgery
  • Anesthesia
  • Pathology
  • All medications
  • All supplies, including mesh for hernia


  • Transportation or hotel accommodations
  • Pre-operative imaging -CT, MRI, Etc
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Implants and prosthesis
  • Management of complications
  • Other Specialist consultation if needed
ProcedurePrice Starting From (USD)Price Range (USD)Average Hospital price in USA (USD)CPT code
Endoscopy/ EGD1,200
abdominal abscess drain exchange7006,000
abdominal abscess drain placement1400800048000
Breast biopsy - image guided1200350019081
Breast mass excision, one side-Benign20001600019125
Circumcision - adult20006,00054161
Delayed wound closure1200850013160
Drain placement pancreatic pseudocyst or abscess2500600048001
Drainage breast abscess1500750019020
Epigastric hernia repair35003,500-4,50018000-25,00049570
Excision biopsy axillary lymph node3000800038525
Excision biopsy cervical lymph node2700800038510
Excision biopsy Inguinal lymph node2700800038760
Excision Melanoma - except face25002,500-4,5001400011626
Excision Sebaceous cyst500200-500450011406
Femoral hernia repair35003,500-4,50018000-25,00049550
Full thickness skin biopsy-excisional1000450011100
Full thickness skin graft2,0002,000-4,000850015200
Incision and drainage of abscess - subcutaneous500300-1000450010061
Incisional hernia repair4,50049560
Inguinal hernia repair3,5003,500-4,50018,000-25,00049505
Intermediate wound repair800450012036
Lipoma Excision > 5 cm1,000600021930
Lipoma Excision <5 cm500500021930
Liver biopsy, needle- image guided1,200300047000
Liver microwave ablation7,0003500047383
Mastectomy- one side5,000250019180
Muscle Biopsy - excisional2,200450020205
Paracentesis - image guided1000650049082
Pilonidal cyst excision3,00011,00010081
Remove IV access port-a-cath1,800450036590
Insert IV access port-a-cath3,10036561
Retroperitoneal Abscess drain exchange7003500
Retroperitoneal Abscess drain placement1500600048000
Sclerosis fluid collection, cyst1200800049185
Soft tissue biopsy needle- image guided600350021920
Split skin graft2,0002,000-4,000800015100
Thoracentesis - image guided7005500
Thyroid Biopsy - image guided600300060100
Umbilical hernia repair3,5003,500-450018,000-25,00049585
Ventral hernia repair3,5003,500-450025,000-35,00049560

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